2017 Board Survey

Board Operations
Board Operations
The board operates under a set of policies, procedures, and guidelines with which all members are familiar.
The Executive Committee reports to the board on all actions taken.
Newly elected board members receive adequate orientation to their role and what is expected of them.
The board fully understands and is supportive of the strategic planning process
The board adequately oversees the financial performance and fiduciary accountability of the organization.
The board receives regular financial updates and takes necessary steps to ensure the operations of the organization are sound.
The board regularly reviews and evaluates the performance of the Executive Director
The board actively engages in discussion around significant issues
Board Meetings
Board Meetings
Board meetings are well attended, with near full turnout at each meeting
Board members receive meeting agendas and supporting materials in time for adequate advance review.
Board meetings are frequent enough to ensure effective governance.
Board members fully and positively participate in discussions.
Board Meetings are an effective use of my time
Time during meetings is used effciently
Each board member participates on at least one committee.
The committee structure logically addresses the organization’s areas of operation.
Board Membership
Board Membership
Nomination and appointment of board members follow clearly established procedures using known criteria.
The board size is adequate to effectively govern the organization.
The board has a range of talents, experience, and knowledge to accomplish its role.
The board uses its members’ talents and skills effectively.
The board makeup is diverse with experience, skills, ethnicity, gender, denomination, and age group.
Administration and Staff Support
Administration and Staff Support
Information provided by staff is adequate to ensure effective board governance and decision-making.
Communication is strong and clear between the board and staff.
Staff support before, during, and after-board meetings is effective.
Please provide any feedback or ideas on improving the United Fund's Annual Campaign (for example: ways to reach new donors, improvements to marketing, improvements to partnering with local companies, improvements to donor relations/recognition)
Please provide feedback on the United Fund's Fundraising events. Do you have any suggestions for these events? Can you think of any new ideas for the United Fund to try?
Please provide any feedback that you have on our current allocations process to fund our member agencies.