New Director takes reigns at United Fund

Christina Plitt has been named the executive director of the United Fund of Surry County.

Plitt earned her Master of Business Administration from East Tennessee State University and her bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. For the past eight years she has worked with Youth Villages, a non-profit organization focused on helping children and families live successfully.

“Throughout her career, Plitt has served important roles in advocating for and supporting members of her community in great need,” the United Fund said in announcing her appointment. “Her leadership has been instrumental in setting the vision and direction of services and ensuring that those services are of the highest quality.”

Dr. Greg Little, president of the United Fund, states, “We are thrilled to have Mrs. Plitt as our new executive director. She will be a tremendous asset to both our organization and community. What struck me most about her was her passion and desire to make her community a better place.

“The executive director requires someone who can work with people across our community and has a strong understanding of how to take the great work of the United Fund to the next level. With Mrs. Plitt’s background and experience, she is the perfect fit to continue the United Fund’s important work.”

“I’m very excited to begin working with the United Fund of Surry County,” Plitt said. “My career has always been focused around working for agencies committed to improving the lives of others, so I immediately connected with the United Fund’s mission. The United Fund serves an essential role in the community by raising money for local agencies so that they can focus their energies on helping people. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute not only to the success of the United Fund, but to the continued success of so many important local organizations.”