Surry Homeless and Affordable Housing Coalition added as United Fund Agency

The Surry Homeless and Affordable Housing Coalition has been accepted as an agency of the United Fund of Surry. The Surry Homeless and Affordable Housing Coalition operates two programs: a Permanent Supportive Housing Program and a Transitional Housing Program. The Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides rental assistance and case management for 12 scattered lease units of permanent housing for homeless people with disabilities. Each client and family receives on going case management and support toward individualized goals. The Transitional Housing program provides temporary subsidized housing for three homeless families without disabilities who are leaving area shelters. Individuals in this program develop the skills to establish and maintain stable housing. While in the program, individuals work personalized plans to address areas such as mental health, substance abuse, budgeting, increased income, and health. SHAHC has been able to successfully help the chronically homeless break the cycle of homelessness.

 SHAHC currently houses 19 individuals in their Supportive Housing program, including 4 single men. Currently, no other agencies in the area are able to house single men. In 2015, SHAHC provided more than 10,000 nights of shelter to Surry County homeless individuals. These individuals received more than 2,000 hours of case management and transportation. The program served 29 people in the Permanent Supportive Housing Program. All participants remained in housing for a minimum of 6 months and 84% of the participants have remained in stable housing for more than a year. 

In 2015, SHAHC received a referral from the Shepherds House, the local homeless shelter for a family of 4. The mother was currently living in the shelter, having recently started treatment for substance abuse. Her 5 year old daughter and 11 year old son were living with relatives and 16 year old daughter was living at the Children's Center. With the help of SHAHC, the mother was able to locate housing and all three children were able to return home with her. The mother continued to participate in her substance abuse treatment and has been successful with remaining drug free for over a year. This is just one of many families that has a brighter future due to the dedication of the people involved with the Surry Homeless and Affordable Housing Coalition.

The United Fund of Surry is dedicated to funding programs that both address current critical needs but also focus on reducing and alleviating those needs in the future. By building strong families, we are building a stronger and healthier community.