United Fund hopes for one last push

Mount Airy News February 6, 2017

In its 60th year in existence, the United Fund is hoping to reach its annual fundraising goal.

Todd Tucker, the United Fund’s fundraising chair, said the United Fund of Surry is nearing its $450,000 fundraising goal. He’s hoping a last-minute surge of contributions will push the organization to that goal.

“We are at at about 93 percent of our goal,” explained Tucker.

Christina Plitt, United Fund of Surry’s director, said the fund had raised $422,000 as of Monday, leaving it $28,000 shy of the goal, several weeks before the effort is scheduled to end

“We are trying to boost awareness to get some more donations,” remarked Tucker.

Tucker said he would like to see the organization meet the goal, given it is celebrating its 60th year in existence. The fund raises money for a “great cause.” In fact, it raises money for 26 great causes.

Tucker explained the United Fund supports 26 member agencies, all of which play an important role in the community. Those organizations range from local rescue squads to the Shepherd’s House, the homeless shelter in Mount Airy.

Any donations are tax detectable, added Tucker. More importantly, the dollars remain in Surry County to support organizations making a difference in the local community.

Furthermore, Tucker noted every dime a person donates to the United Fund is forwarded on to those local agencies. No contributions are used to fund the operations of the United Fund. The director of the organization’s salary and all operating expenses are paid by way of grants.

Tucker said on Monday he hopes the community will continue to give in order to push the United Fund to or above its goal. The annual campaign officially ends at the end of March.

“We have some great support in the community,” explained Tucker. “We are just hoping to get this last little push.”

If the fund does reach its goal, it will be the second consecutive year it has done so, explained Plitt. The four years prior to that, the United Fund fell short.

“If we don’t make it, we have to cut what we give to our member agencies,” remarked the director. “I don’t want to have to make those phone calls.”

“I’m optimistic we will make it, but we are pulling out all the stops,” said Plitt.