Our Mission

To strengthen and serve our community by helping meet the needs of our neighbors

For 60 years, United Fund of Surry has served the needs of people in Surry County through our member agencies. These needs include crisis and emergency care; food, utility, and medial assistance; shelter; and counseling services. United Fund of Surry’s twenty-six member agencies include Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Yokefellow Ministries and five area rescue squads. Our main goal is to raise money for these agencies.  In turn, this allows the agencies to do what they do best, helping people, instead of focusing efforts on fundraising.

  • The United Fund was founded in 1956 by a group of concerned community members dedicated to helping local agencies. This has been our mission for the past 60 years.
  •  The United Fund has chosen to remain an unaffiliated local organization so that ALL funds raised in Surry County stay in Surry County.
  • The United Fund engages the community through fundraisers, grants, individual donations, corporate gifts and employee campaigns to meet an annual community giving goal.

Reasons to Support the United Fund

1.       LOCAL GIVING- Funds are distributed to agencies that directly serve residents of Surry County.  The United Fund ensures that programs necessary to our community are sustained. If we as Surry County companies and residents do not support these programs, who will?

2.       INFORMED AND TRUSTED- While there are many reputable nonprofit organizations, unfortunately there are those misuse and abuse the money that people entrust in them.  Yearly, all United Fund agencies must provide information on their operating budgets and how their funds are being used. Our Budget and Allocations Committee meets with and reviews each agency to determine their funding allocation for the upcoming year. The United Fund of Surry makes every effort to ensure that donations are being put to use responsibly.

3.       ONE GIFT, LARGE IMPACT- By giving to the United Fund, you are supporting twenty-six agencies and a variety of causes. For many of our agencies, the United Fund of Surry provides a substantial portion of their budget. Every year, the United Fund of Surry Board of Directors evaluate all of our member agencies and allocate funding based on presenting community needs. In donating to the United Fund of Surry, your money has a substantial impact.

In 2015, Programs funded by the United Fund helped over 21,000 people in Surry County

  • In 2015:

  • Scholarships to camp and other activities were provided to over 298 children

  • 46,852 Meals were served

  • 456 individuals were assisted with basic utilities

  • 259 Children and adults were provided with shelter

  • 110 children and adults with disabilities were provided enriching activities

  • Programs were made available for 1,310 Seniors 


  • 8,085 prescriptions were filled

  • 1,372 families received counseling, preventative education, or emergency safety planning.

  • 169 individuals were assisted after emergencies

  • Rescue squads funded by the United Fund responded to 3,377 calls

  • Medical care was provided to 1,265 people